Kingsway International Christian Centre NIGERIA

At KICC Nigeria, it is our vision to:
Grow Up in knowledge, perspective, conviction, skill and character in the Word of God.

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Looking for an inspiration in April? Join me and other speakers in Nigeria for the annual 'When Champions Gather' conference at @KICCPrayerdome Maryland, Lagos, from April 27. You can't afford to miss it. Retweeted by Femi Faseru

Don't miss The Buzz concert at 4pm on May 1 2018 at the When Champions Gather Conference @KICCPrayerdome from April 28-May 1 2018 @PstFemiFaseru Powerful word, praise, prayer and worship! Retweeted by Femi Faseru

The #WCG2018 schedule! Plan to attend every session. You will be inspired! #Champions #Inspire #WCGInspire Retweeted by Femi Faseru

We are going to have a glorious time tomorrow @KICCPrayerdome in the 7:30-9:00am and 9.00-11:00am services. D Word will be strong; D Worship will be spirit filled; D warmth will be exceptional! Please come If you are in Lagos. You will be glad you showed up. Call 08056052300

A dream realised, I've FINALLY flown my parents, great day! 🙏🏾❤ Retweeted by Femi Faseru

test Twitter Media - RT @KalengaKamwendo: A dream realised, I've FINALLY flown my parents, great day! 🙏🏾❤

To get the full message and more from @PstFemiFaseru Call 08056052300 for your orders! Thanks for Joining us for #LifeClass!! Retweeted by Femi Faseru

Today @PstFemiFaseru teaches on the topic "Stop Playing" Inspired by the book of Jonah. #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru

Where your obedience stopped is where your next move with God will start when u return to Him. Whatever your are going through isn't going to have you forever! @PstFemiFaseru #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru

In God's classroom there is no skipping of classes. @PstFemiFaseru #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@KICCPrayerdome Whatever you are going through can’t destroy you because it’s your size ~ @PstFemiFaseru #StopPlaying #CelebrationService Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@KICCPrayerdome Right where you are, deliverance is waiting for your repentance ~ @PstFemiFaseru #StopPlaying #CelebrationService Retweeted by Femi Faseru

God speaks to everyone! He speaks through God oriented dreams, visions, signs and wonders. @PstFemiFaseru #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru

Jonah's classroom was the belly of the fish, for Ahab's Israel was famine, what is your classroom? @PstFemiFaseru #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru

A journey through which God hasn't sent you on will become stormy @PstFemiFaseru #CelebrationService #StopPlaying Retweeted by Femi Faseru